​Jon and Lynn Harris founded RVA Paranormal in 2017. They are a husband and wife team who shared common paranormal experiences when they first met and realized they shared a mutual interest in paranormal investigating.  Dedicated to doing what they love and sharing it with the paranormal community, they set out to share the locations and evidence they captured. They blend their skillsets to apply various techniques and unique approaches when exploring the paranormal.  

In 2019, they started “Piercing the Veil”, a weekly live stream. They invite special guests, investigators and share their love of the paranormal and live stream their investigations on location.  Joined now by their 18-year-old daughter Kristen, RVA Paranormal continues to pursue their love of paranormal investigating as a family.

Jon, Lynn and Kristen have recently joined The Twisted Realm as members of the production crew as well as Haunted Nights Paranormal Events staff.

Greg "Copperhead" Graham

Robbin Terry

​The Southern Gypsies are an eclectic troop of talented psychic mediums and healers. These women all come from long lineages of magical ancestry. The Southern Gypsies have an array of mystical talents including the ability to foresee the future through divination of Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Cards, Tasseography, Oracle cards, etc. They are gifted intuitive healers who offer spiritual, emotional and physical healing. These psychically and magically talented women have many years of experience and offer magical workshops and séances, as well as healing sessions and psychic readings (one on one and Gallery Readings).

Allen is Professional Firefighter and Hazardous Materials Specialist in the state of Virginia. He has been avidly researching the paranormal for 20 years and professionally investigating for roughly eleven of those years. He became a Representative for the National Paranormal Society in 2014. He quickly started rising in the ranks in the organization, step by step and gaining respect as he went. In 2016 he became a Lead Senior Director of the organization. During his time there he wrote many articles that are still utilized on their website, as well as collaborated on articles that were focused in NPS Focus Magazine. In 2017, he left the organization to pursue some goals that he had set forth for himself but still retains a relationship with the organization. You can find Allen guest spotting on multiple podcasts, but is reoccurring  guest on The Paranormal Sideshow with John and Stacey Edwards. He has had the opportunity to speak at multiple events and loves to meet people and feels that everyone has a part to play in the field. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and has been appropriately nicknamed the Paranormal Gentleman.  

Mike Goncalve

​Christopher Lee Smith

​Christopher Lee Smith was born and Raised in Gallatin Tennessee and Rocked in the cradle of southern pride and a strict missionary baptist upbringing.  Chris is very family oriented and Deeply rooted in his Christian Faith. His curiosity of paranormal activity stemmed from a supernatural experience that took place in his grandfathers old barn located in the outskirts of rural Tennessee.   Chris then began researching a phenomenon known as “Shadow People”,  shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen mostly in peripheral vision. They are sometimes regarded in modern folklore and paranormal popular culture as malicious, evil spirits or “wraiths”. A hard core sceptic of ghosts in the traditional since, Chris believes in the plan of God the Father: You die, you are judged, you go to your “long home”. The nature of your home depends on your preparations with the big man upstairs prior to your appointment with the reaper. So what's left? The list is of theories are endless in the eyes of TWC founder Chris Smith. “We will never know what they are exactly. That's why we are so dead set on their discovery. It’s our human nature. One thing I know they are not... human.” Chris uses scientific testing and a strong Christian Faith to make his assumptions in a paranormal world, filled with many questions and very few answers.

​Scott Sukel is the former Ghost Hunt Manager and Historian at the Ohio State Reformatory. A paranormal investigator since 1993, his cases have ranged from the mundane to the malevolent. He has been called to consult in numerous investigations around the world, investigated for celebrities, and has assisted the Catholic Church. He describes himself as a “skeptical believer” and has experienced more than enough to know that there is something out there. He also knows that not every bump in the night is the spirit of Aunt Ethel or a demon.

 With his years of experience, he strives to understand what affects paranormal activity levels. With his 20+ years at the Reformatory, he has been able to study the cycles that occur, experiment with various methods, test new equipment and ideas, and study the types of people that are more likely to experience the paranormal.

Scott is a speaker, consultant, historian, and investigator of the paranormal. He shares his experiences and finding collected from his 25+ years in the field. He relies heavily on history to lend credibility  to hauntings.

Scott has been seen on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters Academy, My Ghost Story, Ghost Asylum, Nat Geo’s Secret America: Ghosts, and Inside Edition to name a few. He’s also been interviewed for numerous radio shows, podcast, newspapers, and books.

You can find him on Facebook!

 Matt Haas

Jon and Lynn Harris

​The Southern Gypsies

Adam Bonnett

Scott Sukel

Greg “Copperhead” Graham has had a long time interest in paranormal investigating. His unique views and inquisitive nature made him a natural in this field. Copperhead has done countless investigations over the years and uses various techniques and unconventional approaches when seeking out the unexplained. He previously worked as a Paranormal Guide at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, has been featured on Discovery 3D’s Forgotten Planet, Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Adventures Aftershocks. He was also interviewed for the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters


​Robbin Terry is President of Midwest Classic Insurance Agency Inc. He has been an insurance agent for over 40 years. The past 30 years he has specialized in collector car insurance and is licensed in all Continental United States. He has been chairman of the Education Committee through the PIAI, President of Auburn Area Ambulance, an active member of the Auburn Fire & Rescue where he volunteers his service as an EMT for the past 15 years and a Trustee on Auburn Fire & Rescue. He has helped raise money for the Lost Limbs Foundation to help amputee children for about 7 years. He set up a purchase agreement with Lost Limbs to finance the Roads Hotel in Atlanta, IN. In his spare time he is the owner/operator of Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, IL, R Theater in Auburn, IL. He has been assisting Cheney Mansion in Jerseyville, IL with their social media and website. He is the owner of the Original Mystery Machine from Hanna-Barberra Studios, which he takes to conventions and helps raise money for the Lost Limbs Foundation. Robbin is a paranormal investigator and puts a lot of time and interest into this especially with equipment. A large proponent in daytime investigation as well as controlled investigations for children. He enjoys collecting things that some would think are dark in nature such as original Frank's boxes, Ouija boards, items from horror movies, information on serial killers as well as dolls. He has appeared in Indie films Nightblade, Truth or Dare V, Legend of Demoniac and Hell’s Bells and a new Booth Brothers film The Attached. He has also appeared on Ghost Adventures Aftershocks talking about Ashmore Estates as well as a documentary from the Klinge Brothers about an encounter with John Wayne Gacey at the R Theater. A former hockey coach for 30 years and a player for over 40 years, including a few semi pro games, not much scares him on or off the ice. He loves playing with cars and has a small collection. Needless to say, not your typical insurance agent seen on most golf course on sunny days. 

Matthew J Haas is a 23 year veteran Paranormalist. He is the director and case manager of the Island Paranormal Society and the host of a widely popular radio show called The Strange Oddities Podcast which broadcasts live on YouTube and the KGRA Radio Network. Matt has been podcasting for almost 10 years. He has also been featured on two Paranormal themed TV shows Paranormal Survivor and Paranormal Nightshift.
Matt entered the Paranormal Field in the late 90’s. He became a public speaker around 2007. Matt has lectured at various well-known Paranormal Conferences across the East Coast such as Pennhurst Paracon, EpicCon, Harper’s Ferry West Virginia, Gettysburg Eastern Paranormal Conference, Selma Con to name a few.
Matt has interviewed some of the best in and out of the Paranormal Field from Globally Recognized Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, Psychic Medium TV personality Chip Coffey, Animal Biologist from the TV show Kings of Pain Adam Thorn, American Ripper & Author of Bloodstains icon Jeff Mudgett, Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery Channel’s top show Deadliest Catch.
He brings a back to basics style of investigating to Paranormal Investigations. He believes there is a huge misconception and misunderstanding of terminology, theory and science that gets lost in the shuffle of Paranormal entertainment. There is a big clear difference between Paranormal entertainment and Paranormal Research. 

Adam Bonnett is a paranormal investigator and motivational speaker, but he is not just any paranormal investigator. What makes him different? He’s in a wheelchair. His condition didn’t slow him down, it just forced him to develop creative alternatives. He created and copyrighted a wheelchair bound ghost named Glider, that he uses to represent himself and others with disabilities. Glider is a symbol that there are no limitations to those who truly believe.

Often considered a “rolling trigger object”, Adam uses his unique position to his advantage when investigating. After years of investigating and trying different techniques, one technique started yielding great results. He calls it, “The Paralytic Paranormal Affect”. What is Paralytic Paranormal Affect? It is the situation to where a spirit can relate to someone in a similar position. In my situation, a wheelchair. Is it possible for a door to open after asking for help? Can I use myself as a way to get results? Techniques, trials and consideration of relating to spirits that were in wheelchairs does work! 

Steve Dills

​Allen Marston

Speaker's Bios

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​Miranda Young: The Ghost Biker


Steve Dills is a paranormal investigator with over a decade of experience investigating the Paranormal. His passion for the paranormal stems from experiences at a very young age. Waking up to your name being whispered into your ear at night, and watching the doors to your bedroom open and close repeatedly are not the things that make up a normal childhood. After years of privately investigating the paranormal on his own, Steve teamed up with a number of other paranormal investigators with the same focus and passion, and founded Transcend Paranormal in 2010, where he remains as the Director of the team.

Since that time, Steve, and Transcend Paranormal, has worked with numerous historical sites to not only research and investigate the Paranormal, but to also support those sites. Since its establishment, Transcend Paranormal has helped to raise funds for over 15 locations & organizations through public investigations, lectures, events, and lending a hand at those sites through volunteer efforts. Transcend continues these efforts today to ensure that the historical sites and locations we investigate continue to be community centers for education and learning. Transcend also offers services to all of those in need - both public and private locations. Transcend operates out of central Virginia and travels when necessary to assist clients.

Steve also recently began working with Haunted Nights Paranormal Events. As one of the Events Coordinator, he is working with Lyle and Tonna Lotts, as well as Brandon Johnson from the Twisted Paranormal Society and Twisted Realm. Haunted Nights Paranormal Events works to build public paranormal investigations at both well known and lesser known historical locations in order to support the locations, both by hosting events for public awareness, and sharing the historical importance of these locations with others.

Steve continues to investigate the paranormal in determination to unveil some of the mysteries around the paranormal by partnering and working with some of the most prominent investigators and figures in the field.

Mike Goncalves - musician, songwriter, and producer got his first taste of the paranormal working in the shadows of the show Ghost Asylum and on several occasions experienced his own paranormal events while trudging through the darkness of America's most haunted locations. Mike has spent 15 years in the music industry touring the world and sharing the stage with some of rocks most notable icons.  It was his countless hours spent in recording studios with state of the art technology that made him curious to see if this advanced audio visual equipment would help uncover evidence that the typical paranormal investigator was missing. As a Wraith Chaser, Mike brings his production expertise to the team lending aid in the quest to uncover the unknown bumps in the night. Mike is a family man, animal lover, and follower of Christ along with his fellow Wraith brothers. His charm and witty personality  make him the most likely jokester of the team. But don’t let his wit fool you, mike couldn’t be more serious when it comes to his investigation of the afterlife. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28)

​Miranda Young: The Ghost Biker

Raised in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee, Miranda Young grew up listening to the stories, haints, and lore that were told to her by her grandmother. “Listening to the history and the legends sparked a life-long fascination with the past and with historic places, along with the ghostly myths that surround some of those places; I always wanted to know more.” Another life-long fascination that Young harbored was that of one day riding a motorcycle to visit the locations that hold a haunting history or local legend. “My parents never liked the idea of their daughter riding a motorcycle, but it was an attraction that I just couldn’t shake.” In 2010, Young finally fulfilled that dream when she purchased her first bike, a 1997 Kawasaki Vulcan 750.  “It was an exhilarating feeling riding my first bike”. In 2011, she bought the bike that she currently rides: a Harley Davidson 883 Iron Sportster.

On her motorcycle, Young was able to couple her passions for riding, urban exploration, and photography as she traveled the back roads of Tennessee looking for abandoned locations or for sites that were connected to folklore and historical tales. “I started taking pictures of the places that I was visiting, and a friend told me that I should start videoing some of these adventures; I said jokingly ‘just call me The Ghost Rider’”. However, that humorous exchange sparked an idea in Young. “The more I rode through the mountains and backroads, the more I thought that I should document these adventures and travel, and why not share my experiences with others?” Through that idea, Ghost Biker Explorations was created in 2018, and it quickly became a popular web-series which highlights Young, her motorcycle, and her investigations of reportedly haunted locations. “What I do is different. I have received a lot of feedback from those that watch the show saying that it appeals to them because I am a female biker, and I ride to and go into places that some men won’t even go. Even if you don’t like ghost stories or legends, the history and the ride routes that I highlight on the show appeals to all bikers. If I can encourage bikers to travel to some of these small towns to experience these places and the history for themselves, then I feel like I have done a good job with my show.”

While based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Young has traveled to and filmed at various locations around the country to feature small towns and local legends, as well as emphasize the adventure associated with riding a motorcycle. “I often say that ‘every town has a ghost story that has been passed down through the generations’, and to travel to these towns on my motorcycle to explore these legends is a dream come true”. Living that dream is paying off for Young as she is gaining attention from riders and fans from around the world who enjoy watching Ghost Biker Explorations episodes. “While I knew that it was an idea that had potential, I never thought it would take off as quickly as it has.” Not only is Young receiving feedback from fans, but she is also getting requests for appearances at Harley Davidson dealerships and at bike events in numerous states. “I am very grateful to White Lightening Harley Davidson for approaching me about holding events at their dealership. They organized and sponsored my first Harley Davidson Meet-and-Greet, and it is exciting to have such an established location and brand supporting what I do.”

With two seasons of Ghost Biker Explorations under her belt, Young is not slowing down on her motorcycle travels and adventures. “Currently we have kick stands up, and I am riding full throttle into season 3 of GBE. Locations in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and Indiana will all be featured in my next season, and I cannot wait to share the ride, the history, and the legends with my audience.”

You can follow along with Miranda Young and her adventures by visit www.ghostbikerexplorations.com or by visiting her Facebook page and YouTube Channel under Ghost Biker Explorations.