Pat Bussard O'Keefe

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Pat Bussard O'Keefe is a writer, photographer, psychic medium, and paranormal investigator. These artistic and psychic-oriented pursuits give her a unique and personal perspective on the paranormal. She travels regularly into the dark landscape of the supernatural to record and preserve stories of the otherworld through photographs and words (patbussard.com).

A former journalist, as well as an author, her published works have woven words between the covers and across the pages of magazines, books and newspapers. Her column HAUNTED AMERICA was a regular feature in GHOST VOICES MAGAZINE, the premier magazine in the U.K. focusing on ghosts and haunting activity. She also wrote a regular column for THE LOAFER, an arts and entertainment magazine. Her column titled WEIRD WORLD, focused on the people and issues impacting the world (or the otherworld) of the paranormal. She also wrote for HAUNTED TIMES MAGAZINE, where her column, THE EVIDENCE LOCKER, covered investigations at historic and interesting haunted locations across the country. These media outlets are in addition to a number of other magazines from around the world in which her work was featured.

In addition to her writing, Pat's photographs have appeared in and on the covers of a number of dark non-fiction, fiction, and literary magazines. Her most recent magazine photographs include photo spreads in HAUNTED AFTER DARK MAGAZINE and HAUNTED DIGITAL MAGAZINE. Her dark photography has also been featured on the covers of such diverse magazines as the prestigious literary magazine THE PEDESTAL and TWISTED DREAMS MAGAZINE. Her work has been described as, "catching the haunted soul of a location in a moment of transitioning shadow and light, forcing it to reveal its true image." She is currently working on a series of photos for author Ronda Caudill's book about the historic and haunted Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, Virginia.

In addition to photographing and writing for hundreds of nonfiction articles and stories published under her byline, she has also authored and illustrated two books with her photography. The latest of those books is The Ghosts of St. Albans Sanatorium. Her next book is a chapbook of poetry, Boneyard Voice: Poems and Photographs from the Edge of Darkness. The chapbook is slated for release later this year.

Pat is the co-founder of a team of paranormal investigators, The Descendants of Avalon and was the founder of The Ghost Writers. Part of the mission of the team is to record and preserve stories of paranormal importance.

Allen Marston


Allen Marston grew up in a small town in southern Virginia. His interest in the paranormal began as a young child after hearing stories that his parents told him of experiences that they had with sightings of UFO’s and Ghosts. He started reading everything he could get his hands on about all aspects of the paranormal, thanks to his mother. Little did he know that his little hobby that he had would flourish into the love for the field that he has now.  Allen is co-founder of Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation and Research based out of historic Appomattox, Virginia. He was a board of director, as well as a senior representative for the National Paranormal Society until 2016, when he left to focus on some personal theories and endeavors. Allen has been a guest on a few paranormal podcasts but enjoys spending time with friends on an up and coming podcast known as The Paranormal Sideshowthe most

Allen is a professional firefighter, fire inspector, Hazardous Materials Specialist, and a certified Class “A” contractor. He uses the skills that he has learned in these fields to look at possibilities that many may have missed or not thought of. He tries to eliminate all real possibilities before even beginning to turn to the paranormal possibility, even though he knows there are things that may never be explained.

May 19 and 20 2018

Author, producer, director, composer, production designer of films, TV and docs.

Production company at Destination America
Film Producer at Discovery
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Producer (music) at SyFy Channel/NBC Universal
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CEO & Founder at SpookedTV
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Former Wardrobe Stylist at JCPenney
Former Producer (music) at Sony Pictures Television

Former Programmer at Microsoft
Former Production Designer/Art Director at Playboy International