Christopher Saint Booth and Rachel Marie Booth

​Christopher Lee Smith

Adam Bonnett

Allen Marston


Mike Goncalve

Scott Sukel


​Christopher Lee Smith was born and Raised in Gallatin Tennessee and Rocked in the cradle of southern pride and a strict missionary baptist upbringing.  Chris is very family oriented and Deeply rooted in his Christian Faith. His curiosity of paranormal activity stemmed from a supernatural experience that took place in his grandfathers old barn located in the outskirts of rural Tennessee.   Chris then began researching a phenomenon known as “Shadow People”,  shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen mostly in peripheral vision. They are sometimes regarded in modern folklore and paranormal popular culture as malicious, evil spirits or “wraiths”. A hard core sceptic of ghosts in the traditional since, Chris believes in the plan of God the Father: You die, you are judged, you go to your “long home”. The nature of your home depends on your preparations with the big man upstairs prior to your appointment with the reaper. So what's left? The list is of theories are endless in the eyes of TWC founder Chris Smith. “We will never know what they are exactly. That's why we are so dead set on their discovery. It’s our human nature. One thing I know they are not... human.” Chris uses scientific testing and a strong Christian Faith to make his assumptions in a paranormal world, filled with many questions and very few answers.

Pat O'Keefe

Greg "Copperhead" Graham

Pat O'Keefe is an author, photographer, psychic & medium, and paranormal investigator. These artistic and psychic-oriented pursuits give her a unique and personal perspective on the paranormal. She travels regularly into the dark landscape of the supernatural to record and preserve stories of the otherworld through photographs and words (

A former journalist, as well as an author, her published works have woven words between the covers and across the pages of magazines, books and newspapers. She is the author of three books and one audiobook. Her most recent book is a collection of gothic poetry and photographs, BONEYARD VOICE: POEMS AND PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE EDGE OF DARKNESS.  Her column HAUNTED AMERICA was a regular feature in GHOST VOICES MAGAZINE, the premier magazine in the U.K. focusing on ghosts and haunting activity. She also wrote a regular column for THE LOAFER, an arts and entertainment magazine titled WEIRD WORLD. The column focused on the people and issues impacting the world (or the otherworld) of the paranormal. These media outlets are in addition to a number of other magazines from around the world in which her work was featured.

New projects include a book about the Full Moon Caravan, a troupe of talented psychics and healers, of which she is the founder ( The title of the book is, “Tales from the Road.”  She is also working on a graphic novel, “Tales from the Four Kingdoms: War is Coming.”

In addition to her writing, Pat's photographs have appeared in and on the covers of a number of dark non-fiction, fiction, and literary magazines and books. Her dark photography was recently featured in Dr. Ronda Caudill's book about the historic and haunted Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, Virginia. She has had photo spreads in HAUNTED AFTER DARK MAGAZINE and HAUNTED DIGITAL MAGAZINE, as well as, THE PEDESTAL and PHENOMENA MAGAZINE.

Adam Bonnett is a paranormal investigator and motivational speaker, but he is not just any paranormal investigator. What makes him different? He’s in a wheelchair. His condition didn’t slow him down, it just forced him to develop creative alternatives. He created and copyrighted a wheelchair bound ghost named Glider, that he uses to represent himself and others with disabilities. Glider is a symbol that there are no limitations to those who truly believe.

Often considered a “rolling trigger object”, Adam uses his unique position to his advantage when investigating. After years of investigating and trying different techniques, one technique started yielding great results. He calls it, “The Paralytic Paranormal Affect”. What is Paralytic Paranormal Affect? It is the situation to where a spirit can relate to someone in a similar position. In my situation, a wheelchair. Is it possible for a door to open after asking for help? Can I use myself as a way to get results? Techniques, trials and consideration of relating to spirits that were in wheelchairs does work! 

Greg “Copperhead” Graham has had a long time interest in paranormal investigating. His unique views and inquisitive nature made him a natural in this field. Copperhead has done countless investigations over the years and uses various techniques and unconventional approaches when seeking out the unexplained. He previously worked as a Paranormal Guide at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, has been featured on Discovery 3D’s Forgotten Planet, Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Adventures Aftershocks. He was also interviewed for the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters

Mike Goncalves - musician, songwriter, and producer got his first taste of the paranormal working in the shadows of the show Ghost Asylum and on several occasions experienced his own paranormal events while trudging through the darkness of America's most haunted locations. Mike has spent 15 years in the music industry touring the world and sharing the stage with some of rocks most notable icons.  It was his countless hours spent in recording studios with state of the art technology that made him curious to see if this advanced audio visual equipment would help uncover evidence that the typical paranormal investigator was missing. As a Wraith Chaser, Mike brings his production expertise to the team lending aid in the quest to uncover the unknown bumps in the night. Mike is a family man, animal lover, and follower of Christ along with his fellow Wraith brothers. His charm and witty personality  make him the most likely jokester of the team. But don’t let his wit fool you, mike couldn’t be more serious when it comes to his investigation of the afterlife. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28)

Allen is Professional Firefighter and Hazardous Materials Specialist in the state of Virginia. He has been avidly researching the paranormal for 20 years and professionally investigating for roughly eleven of those years. He became a Representative for the National Paranormal Society in 2014. He quickly started rising in the ranks in the organization, step by step and gaining respect as he went. In 2016 he became a Lead Senior Director of the organization. During his time there he wrote many articles that are still utilized on their website, as well as collaborated on articles that were focused in NPS Focus Magazine. In 2017, he left the organization to pursue some goals that he had set forth for himself but still retains a relationship with the organization. You can find Allen guest spotting on multiple podcasts, but is reoccurring  guest on The Paranormal Sideshow with John and Stacey Edwards. He has had the opportunity to speak at multiple events and loves to meet people and feels that everyone has a part to play in the field. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and has been appropriately nicknamed the Paranormal Gentleman.  


Scott Sukel is the former Ghost Hunt Manager and Historian at the Ohio State Reformatory. A paranormal investigator since 1993, his cases have ranged from the mundane to the malevolent. He has been called to consult in numerous investigations around the world, investigate for celebrities, and assist the Catholic Church. He describes himself as a “skeptical believer.” He has experienced more than enough to know that there is something out there. He also knows that not every bump in the night is the spirit of Aunt Betsy.
 With his years of experience, he strives to understand what affects paranormal activity levels. With his 20+ years at the Reformatory, he has been able to study the cycles that occur, experiment with various methods, test new equipment and ideas, and study the types of people that are more likely to experience the paranormal.
 He has been seen on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters Academy, My Ghost Story, Ghost Asylum, and Nat Geo’s Secret America: Ghosts. He’s also been quoted in numerous newspapers and books.

Author, producer, director, composer, production designer of films, TV and docs.

Production company at Destination America
Film Producer at Discovery
Film Producer at Syfy
Producer/Director at Chiller TV
Producer at Spooked Tv, SyFy, Sony Pictures
Producer (music) at SyFy Channel/NBC Universal
Producer (music) at Sony Pictures Entertainment
CEO & Founder at SpookedTV
Producer/Owner at Spooked TV (SyFy)
CEO/Producer at Spooked Television Productions
Publisher at T42 Music Publishing
Producer (music) at Sony Pictures
Publisher at Warner/Chappell Music
Designer at Apple Inc.
Music Composer at Disney
Former Author at Author
Former Production company at Travel Channel
Former Content Producer at SPOOKEDtv-OD
Former Producer Director at TwinTalk Entertainment
Former Producer Director at SyFy, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures
Former Wardrobe Stylist at JCPenney
Former Producer (music) at Sony Pictures Television

Former Programmer at Microsoft
Former Production Designer/Art Director at Playboy International