Escape Room

Escape My Nightmare!


New to Enigmacons in 2022 is the addition of Escape My Nightmare - an escape room designed to test your reasoning abilities as well as entertain you with a paranormal theme.

The cost of Escape My Nightmare is an additional ten (10) dollars with tickets being sold for the escape room at the door only. All proceeds go directly to St Albans.

The Escape Room can hold groups from four (4) to eight (8) people. You can purchase tickets for the escape room when arriving at the conference on a first come first served basis.

You don't have at least 4 people in your group? Just sign up for a time slot that isn't full yet and have fun solving the clues with some new friends.

Your group is allowed an hour to complete the puzzles and escape with three clues given when asked with no penalty to your time. Be careful though as three (3) clues are all each team is allowed so use them carefully.